Apollo Kino's internal rules of conduct

Dear Apollo Kino visitors!
Apollo Kino rules of conduct are designed to ensure a pleasant movie experience and are binding on all Apollo Kino viewers.

Entry to Apollo Kino is forbidden for people who must self-isolate, observe home quarantine or isolation, or have any respiratory infection disease symptoms.


  • Apollo Kino reserves the right to change the screening times and the film format of the scheduled movie screenings, or to cancel the screenings without prior notice;
  • Before confirming the purchase, the customer is obliged to check all information (screening date, time, amount, etc.), after confirming the purchase, movie tickets cannot be changed or returned (in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 255);
  • The staff of Apollo Kino has the right to expel from the cinema a person who violates the rules of the internal procedure without refunding the money for the ticket;
  • Inquire about lost and found belongings and documents in the cinema at the INFO kiosk;
  • The cinema is not responsible for customers' lost belongings;
  • People who suffer from epilepsy and/or migraines should consult a doctor before attending 3D screenings.

Customer's responsibilities:

  • When purchasing a cinema ticket, observe the internal rules of the cinema;
  • Keep a valid movie ticket until the end of the screening;
  • Keep the receipt for the purchases made in the cinema until the end of the screening and show it to the cashier if requested;
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended;
  • Upon receiving the 3D glasses, make sure of their technical condition and, if defects are detected, immediately contact the cinema staff and exchange them. If defects are reported after entering the cinema, the cinema will consider them as defects caused by the customer himself;
  • Contact the staff of the cinema and inform about persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema's customers;
  • Inform cinema staff about violations in the cinema hall.

Prohibited in the cinema:

  • Bring food and drinks purchased outside the cinema;
  • Bring cold weapons and firearms, pyrotechnics, flammable, toxic, radioactive substances;
  • Smoke;
  • Filming and taking photos without prior agreement with the cinema administration. In case of non-observance of the ban, the guilty person may be expelled from the cinema and the equipment used may be confiscated and destroyed. The cinema has the right to demand a fine of 2000 euros from the violator;
  • Ride a skateboard, roller skates or bicycle or other means of transportation (except for wheelchairs);
  • Enter with animals, taking into account the specific environment of the cinema, as well as the well-being of other visitors;
  • Disturbing other visitors - disregarding public order;
  • Break or otherwise damage cinema property;
  • Being under the influence of narcotics or other psychotropic substances.

In the cinema hall:

  • The customer must have a valid movie ticket for the relevant screening;
  • The customer must have a receipt for the purchases made in the cinema;
  • It is forbidden to disturb other visitors' enjoyment of the cinema;
  • It is forbidden to talk on the mobile phone, the phone must be on silent mode. Please also note that bright phone screens disturb other visitors;
  • It is forbidden to put your feet on the chairs;
  • It is forbidden to enter the cinema hall with balloons filled with helium, taking into account fire safety regulations;
  • It is forbidden to take with you large bags and objects that prevent other customers from passing between the rows, thus putting people's lives at risk in the event of an evacuation*;
  • When leaving the cinema hall, the 3D glasses must be handed over to the staff or left in the place designated for 3D glasses;
  • After the screening, the customer must leave the cinema hall.

* The cinema offers to store these belongings in the cinema's INFO kiosk until the end of the screening, upon prior agreement with the cinema staff.

The cinema has the right to:

  • At the entrance to the cinema hall, ask to present an identity document for films with an age limit, as well as when using a child or senior ticket;
  • Do not sell tickets and do not admit people who are younger than the specified age limit for the movie, if no identity document proving age is presented;
  • Not to sell tickets to persons with obvious signs of intoxication and persons who do not observe public order;
  • Not to sell tickets to scantily clad persons (for example, in beach clothes) and persons with severe personal hygiene problems;
  • Ask to show suspicious bags, objects, etc.
  • Expel from the cinema people who have tried to defraud the company by not refunding them money for a movie ticket;
  • Expel from the cinema or detain the guilty persons until the arrival of the police, who violate the rules of the internal order of customers of the cinema or are caught in an attempt to defraud the company;
  • Not to sell a ticket to persons who have previously violated the internal rules of the cinema's customers or have been caught in an attempted fraud;
  • In case of damage or loss of 3D glasses – a fine of EUR 70.00;
  • Do not change or return purchased cinema tickets (in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 255)


  • For persons using wheelchairs, the visit to the cinema is free of charge (the customer sits in his wheelchair in a specially designated place). If the customer wishes to sit in a cinema seat, a discounted ticket* must be purchased. Specially designated places for wheelchairs are located in all halls (exceptions, please see for each cinema separately, in the "Ticket prices" section). For help getting to the halls, please contact the cinema staff;
  • People with disabilities (groups 1, 2 and 3) and their accompanying person receive discounts on cinema screenings*. Before purchasing tickets, it is necessary to present certificates;
  • Children up to the age of 3 (inclusive) can visit the cinema for free if they do not occupy a separate seat. We recommend taking small children only to family movies or Mother's Morning screenings to avoid psychological trauma for children, which can be caused by the volume of the movie, etc.

* Children's ticket or Senior's ticket price